Topfaith category image Just as our passion for excellence knows no bounds, it is also our culture in Topfaith Schools to encourage and ginger students towards the achievement of the set goals.

From the inception of the school in 2002, many students and parents from the community and the catchment areas have been considered for free education in the school. Brilliant students of Mkpatak and its neighbourhood have benefited from the School Community Scholarship Programme.

Our passion for excellence and academic success is a distinctive quality we hold dearly in our hearts. To this end, Topfaith International Secondary School has for more than a decade nurtured and executed goodwill...

Topfaith category image The moral and spiritual lives of our children are uppermost in the upbringing and training dynamics of our school. Regular interdenominational services

Our students actively participate in local, national and international academic competitions such as Cowbell National Mathematics Competition, JETS Science Competitions, Arts Competitions...

Seeing is believing and believing is Foundation for Knowledge. Our Excursion and Field Trip Programmes create exciting opportunities for sightseeing, understanding, belief and Learning!

In addition to rich academic life, the School provides robust and glamorious enrichment activities such as sports, excursions, clubs, visits, career/moral talks, role model-students interaction fora, quiz, holiday exchange programmes, TV/Radio shows and Debates.

Philanthropy is a philosophy of benevolence which people have to inherit. As an epitome of Topfaith core value, the school establishes a continuity programme that guarantees an uninterrupted academic progress of every child in the school in event of the demise of the sponsor of the student

The Citizenship Day Celebration at Topfaith is an annual event to educate and energize the young generation. On this day, African attires and fashion are elegantly displayed, appreciated and celebrated.

Books, uniforms and snacks are supplied to students by the School. The costs of these items are included in the fees payable. The school does not permit the giving of pocket money or provisions by parents to students.

Discipline is our watchword! Disciplinary actions are enforced without fear or favour to correct misbehaviour. Punishments for proven misconducts include suspension, manual/domestic labour, public reprimand, written/oral apologies, warnings and expulsion.