2023 Admission Examinations




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Welcome to the 2023 Topfaith Schools Online Entrance Examination. 

Examinations hold every Saturday online!!

Time: 9am to 3pm

Practice Tests

Practice Test for candidates can be taken Here. NB: Access Code is Sample


  1. Type in your name and other details in the bio-data form provided via the link below.
  2. Submit the bio-data form as directed.
  3. Click the link to the examination when it appears.
  4. Answer all Questions.
  5. On the test platform, please write your full name in the following format: "SURNAME, FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME"
  6. Click on an option to answer each of the questions.
  7. Parents, Guardians, Lesson teachers and all other third parties should please restrict themselves to providing the enabling environment and facilities for the examination. Please do not assist the child after these facilties have been provided and set up.
  8. Candidates should attempt the questions independently and submit as required. NO MALPRACTICE PLEASE as our control room is monitoring the examination.
  9. For any observations, contact:
    • 08034546317
    • 07066211122
    • 08158395513
    • 08151906555
    • 08033259951
    • 08067051576



For JS1 candiates, click here. Access code is TISSJS1

For JS2 transfer candidates, click here. Access code is TISSJS2

For JS3 transfer candidates, click here. Access code is TISSJS3

For SS1 transfer candidates, click here Access code is TISSSS1

For SS2 transfer candidates, click here. Access code is TISSSS2