Topfaith Montessori Nursery & Primary School

Topfaith Montessori Nursery & Primary School (TMNPS), a Subsidiary of Topfaith International Secondary School. is located in Mkpatak.

TMNPS was established in 2010 to nurture pupils of nursery and primary school ages using the Montessori system of Education.

Just as the secondary school, it is also situated in a serene, friendly and welcoming environment to aid pupils’ concentration and the learning ability. For a growing child, “it is a home away from home”

TMNPS is made up of various class sections such as the Crèche, Foundation, Nursery 1 – 2 and primary 1 – 6.

Major core subject areas include Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Social studies, Music, French, Civic education, Religious and Moral Instruction, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Phonics, Cultural and Creative Arts and Vocational Studies.

In the Topfaith tradition, TMNPS is endowed with elegant structures, well-furnished classrooms, e-learning facilities, basic science, Maria Montessori laboratories, and standard recreational facilities.